LUISA BRINI starts in 2012 as an Italian handcrafted excellence, and soon becomes a leader in high-fashion scarves production.New cultures, new colors, new flavors: the beginning is a period of intense observation and research.
Excellent yarns and fabrics together with an experienced know-how lead to an extraordinary result; traditional manufacturing techniques are retrieved and developed with high-tech machinery. The concept is clear: a 100% Italian production that handles fabrics as micro-modal, cashmere, precious wool, exquisite cotton and linen; an accurate manufacture; an essential design; well defined image and style. Each article is assembled, then dyed with acids and enzymes – which give a unique touch of color, and afterwards washed, over dyed, laminated, coated, and worked with  particular handcrafted techniques that turn each scarf into a masterpiece.

A LUISA BRINI creation isn’t just an accessory, it expresses a mood or a feeling. LUISA BRINI is communication.

Every sample and the whole collection are realized in Prato (Tuscany) where the company is located. Here expert craftsmen take care of the production, picking from the best quality fabrics. This added value allowed LUISA BRINI to establish among the major international realities, but still always trying to go beyond and accepting new challenges.

After considering the good top line yearly growth (22%), the company decided to start working with an external press office that is now taking care of communication and public relations; the aim is to pair the sales growth with a strong branding process.

LUISA BRINI, as a symbol of Made in Italy, is currently present in many of the best department stores, shops, and corners in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, UK, Sweden, Finland, China, and Japan. 

One of our projects is to strengthen our presence in the Asian market: we are already opening corners in China, and we will open soon also in Italy and Japan. The point is to gain experience and to obtain a good exposition to the fashion procedures, and grow a worldwide business.